Three birds (from various projects)

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This is your first peek at what the book will look like, with Chris’ beautiful art complemented by John’s otherworldly colors and Thomas’ craftsman lettering.

- Multiversity Comics talk more about what it could all mean here

- While Comic Book Resources has the full solicitation text from the Previews catalogue

Issue #1 ships NOVEMBER 13. Don’t worry, we’ll give you plenty of reminders as we draw closer to the time… ;)


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we need an emergency fake dash in case any of our relatives suddenly demand to see what we do on tumblr

like you log in with the password “parent alert” and it takes you to a dash that’s just the wisdom of confucius and new yorkers dissing olive garden

we should have that

Email: allfandomsmatter@gmail.com
Password: parentalert
Username: helpsomeonescoming
Use it well. Lets blast it so everyone can use it. Good luck.

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Just thought I should share this wonderful artwork that the one and only Julia has created with my followers.

All of the heroes in Ancient Greek/Roman style clothing. The first one is commoner clothing, the second is warrior armour, and the third is royalty/noble clothing. 

Percy, Annabeth, Jason, Piper, Leo, Hazel, Frank, Reyna, Nico, and Thalia

All art is by juliajm15.

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